“Do Do Do” by Nathan K. – out now on Spotify, and more!

”Do Do Do” is a song about awkward interactions between bands at shows, where a member of the other band is trying to compliment your set, when they were not actually watching. Picture this, your band is on tour, and just got off stage, and see the band playing after you enter the building after being outside smoking, and before asking you to use your amp, they must legally say “sick set dude” and tell you which song they liked best. But they didn’t listen, so they hum “do do do”. Close enough. “Thanks man,” you reply. “Of course you can use my amp! Stoked for your set, too!” You know how it is.

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5sLkess74UcMbFjtHbNuei?si=3SZY05LdRmSVzoOQ9-NHeQ

Buy on Bandcamp: https://nathank.bandcamp.com/track/do-do-do

All other Platforms: https://linktr.ee/nathankmusic

– Written/Recorded/Performed: Nathan Klages
– Background Vocals: Sara Beth Geoghegan
– Mixed/Mastered: Darin Rajabian
– Artwork: Erin Case
– Released: 10/4/22