“A Dozen” by Nathan K. – out now on Spotify, and more!

”A Dozen” is about receiving a compliment from someone that you like, knowing that it’s not true, but choosing to bite your tongue instead of correct them, because you hope it will be true someday. You know how it goes, your crush says “you’re so sweet and kind” and you’re thinking, “nope, not at all, but ok!” cause you don’t want to ruin it. At least that’s how it always goes with me. I also was on tour in Sioux Falls, SD playing at a bar called Latitude 44 run by this wonderful lady named Cindy. It was between 2 train tracks somehow, and so during my sets, I would have to take short breaks because sometimes the trains would just be too loud for anyone to hear the music. It was great though, because Cindy would let me crash in the bar on this awesome leather couch, and in the morning I would give the keys to the guy who owned the bakery next door and he would usually give me a much needed coffee, due to the fact that Cindy would usually give me several much needed beers (luckily the couch wasn’t too far). In between a few of those beers, I overheard an awkward first date where the lady was talking about eating something terrifying to me, and the guy didn’t run away, he stayed. He was actually more interested. They were perfect for each other and I always wonder if they got married. If you live in Sioux Falls, please let me know.

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– Written/Recorded/Performed: Nathan Klages
– Mixed/Mastered: Darin Rajabian
– Artwork: Erin Case
– Released: 11/15/22