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Nathan K.
I write and release music under my name Nathan K. I have released 3 full length albums, 3 EPs, and multiple singles.

John Cyrus
I write pop songs with my best friend Darin Rajabian under the name John Cyrus. We have making music together since we were 14, and started releasing music under the name John Cyrus (both of our middle names put together) in 2014. We have released an EP and dozens of singles featuring various singers. Stay tuned for more @

I am a member of the acclaimed pop group Stepdad. Our music was featured in TV shows “Weeds“, “Mindy Project“, “Teen Wolf”, FIFA 2013, this BMW Commercial, and more. We performed all summer long during Warped Tour 2012 on the stage as G-Eazy, T Mills, Champagne Champagne, and more. We toured the US and Canada many times. Will we ever dance again? Someday!

Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick met at a Michigan house show in early 2010. They soon discovered a mutual infatuation with dream-life, dancing, and pop music, and began work on a new project to incorporate Caroline’s soft vocals with Darin’s classic euro-disco inspired tracks. The music evolved, and after months of work, they formed the sound of Nightlife. Darin, Caroline, and I wrote and released a handful of singles, 2 EPs, and a full length record called “Days In Other Days”.

String Arrangements
I enjoy producing for other artists as well as writing, arranging, and recording string arrangements. Violin was the first instrument that I learned to play at age 5, and have been playing ever since.