“Paulding Light (Band Version)” by Nathan K. – out now on Spotify, and more! 

Paulding Light is a thing that nobody is quite sure exists. A lot of people think it does, but can’t prove it, and a lot of people are convinced it doesn’t exist, but they can’t prove it either. It’s a thing in the woods near Paulding Michigan, where there is light.. but the closer you get to it, it disappears. Nobody knows what causes it, but there are a lot of theories. I have heard that NASA investigated it and couldn’t figure it out.

I learned of this while on tour in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from a guy named Dan H. If you know, you know. It made me think of how love can be elusive. or the idea of it at least. And how you can be looking so hard for something in someone that you miss it, or maybe it was never there to begin with. Either way, it has helped me have some compassion for the times it didn’t work out. Maybe we were just looking for something in another person that wasn’t there. No hard feelings.

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