You can always tell when a songwriter is from Michigan, and Nathan K. is no exception. His songs are sad, but not without hope. They are hopeful, but not overly optimistic. They are specific, but strangely relatable. Honest, but not abrasive. He is shy, but long winded – the stories behind the songs are often longer than the songs themselves.

Nathan currently lives a quiet life in a loud city (Nashville) where he sometimes sticks out like a sore thumb, in a good way.

In addition to writing/producing/performing his own songs, Nathan K. records and produces, and does string arrangements for other artists. For all inquiries, please reach out to dearnathank [at] gmail [dot] com

NK has shared the stage with Advance Base, Jeff Pianki, Frontier Ruckus, Sara Beth Go, Cheyenne Medders, Ratboys, John Davey, Fred Thomas, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, Michigander, Illiterate Light, 100 Watt Horse, Oh, Rose, Small Houses, May Erlewine, Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful, Jes Kramer, Olivia Rudeen, Madeleine, Speak Low, Kept On Hold, Stef Chura, Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, Bendrix Littleton, The Ferdy Mayne, Heyrocco, Have a Rad Day, The Go Rounds, The Silent Years, The Ferdy Mayne and many more. He is also member of the groups Stepdad, and John Cyrus.

“a curious mix of sadness and joy, haunting in the sense that it lingers but not completely morose or scary. A nostalgic and poignant amalgamation of fondness and love and regret, something crushing yet life affirming.” (Wake The Deaf)

“on the cusp of being part of the next generation of artists to achieve success along the lines of Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Jens Lekman, etc.”(Songs Illinois)

I arranged, recorded, and performed the string arrangements on these songs above